How to duplicate a Smartreq

This article walks you step by step on how to duplicate a Smartreq

Duplicating Smartreqs can be useful when the same position opens a few times a year.  For example, a sales position that has a quarterly hiring class can Duplicate the Smartreq so you can organize your hiring classes better in JF. Follow the instructions below for details on how. 

1. Go to

2. Select the "Hire"  tab in the top right corner.

3. Once in the "Hire" tab select the Smartreq you wish to duplicate.

4. In the top right corner select "Actions" and in the drop-down menu select "Duplicate".

5. You will be asked to confirm your choice click "Yes"

6. The new Smartreq will appear at the top of your list of Smartreqs in the "Hire" tab with the text "copy" next to it. 

Please note that duplicating smartreq does not mean the applicants from the original will port over. To see how to add applicants follow this link.